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  • Al Jarallah Group

    The Al Jarallah Group has established in 2008 and which Known as one of the leading business magnet in the Kuwait. Our Group also has operations in the Saudi Arabia carrying out work in Home Textile, Transportation and Building materials.Under wise leadership of Mr. Bander Al Jarallah. The Al Jarallah Group hasa Large & Great History of Achievements since 2008 Al Jarallah Group , Al Jarallah Transportation Company, Al Fouz International and Al-Sulaymaniya farm are some of the companies that make up the Al Jarallah Group of Companies..

  • Home Textiles

    Al-Fouz International was established in 2008. We do import Bedding sets and mattress from Turkey, Malaysia and China. Our products are Comforters, Pillows, Towels, Bath Robes, infant and baby products and Children’s Comforters. Our Outlets in Kuwait at Al Rai,Farwaniya, Fahaheel, Qurain, Jahara and Abdulla Mubarak.. Our Innovative designs are well known in Local Market as well as Gulf region. With the introduction of our New Brand "RIVIERA", we have introduced latest designs and products.Besides, we have recently started in-house production and we own a large warehouse..

  • Al Jarallah Transport

    Al Jarallah Transportation has a Large & Great History of Achievements since 1990. It has an integrated Transportation & Clearance offering transportation services in Kuwait and within all the GCC countries, with large Transport fleet and its most advanced trucks. The Al Jarallah Transportation work Team comprises a sum total of 20 Personnel in administration, with qualified Drivers and a fleet of 15 trucks.Drivers are specialists in the Operational.The General Manager is assisted by a team of highly competent Managers and support staff.

  • Industrial Solution

    The development of world class facilities starts with an effective business/master plan. Then, Our focus is to obtain the basic processes, infrastructure and support systems, right - leveraging inherent strength to eliminate barriers.We lead with innovative planning, engineering and design concepts - professionally applying proven technologies that challenge the status quo. Our approach works as well on existing facilities and processes as it does on new facilities and processes..

  • Al-Sulaymaniya Farm

    We have newly Introduced Al-Sulaymaniya Farm for Sheep is a based in Abdali Kuwait. We are Organic Farm Our sheep are purchased directly from the Gulf region.We have been raising sheep since the year 2010 and we have 40 - 50 Ewes and 15 - 20 Ewe lambs.We have a permanent sorting set-up made of wooden pens with a squeeze and a narrow chute that makes checking sheep and treating feet with a Zinc foot bath quick and easy.Our mission is to supply maximum supply of meat products available from our Livestock


Location: Al Rai, 4th Ring Road, Next to Center Point,

P.O.Box no:257,Abdulla Mubaraq- 86353


Tel: 24760326/24760362

Fax: 24761065

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.